Protocol Converters and Gateways are used in Industries to connect the two different devices with different protocols with each other.

These Devices can be PLCs. Measuring Instruments, Parameter monitoring units, Gas analyzers, weighing machines etc.

We provide wide range of protocol converters to match customer needs. Our Protocol converters are rugged in construction to sustain in Industrial environments, Highly Reliable. They Come up with all necessary power supplies, Indicator LEDs for supply and Communication and all necessary software utilities.

1 Connect PRO USB

  • USB to Serial Protocol Converter
  • USB to485 Protocol Converter
  • USB to RS232 and RS485 Protocol Converter
  • USB to MODBUS Protocol Converter

2. Connect PRO Ethernet

  • Ethernet to RS232 / TTL Protocol Converter
  • Ethernet to RS485 Protocol Converter
  • Ethernet to RS232/RS485/TTL Protocol Converter
  • Ethernet to MODBUS Protocol Converter

3. Connect PRO WIFI/IOT

  • WIFI to RS232 / TTL Protocol Converter
  • WIFI to RS485 Protocol Converter
  • WIFI to RS232/RS485/TTL Protocol Converter
  • WIFI to MODBUS Protocol Converter
  • WIFI to IR Remote (RC5)

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